Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Creativity Of Me..

Hye All My Fwenz..

Did you guys notice anything new here?

Yarr! My all brand new look! I mean, for the blog.

I can't stand my old blog theme, it was rather boring to me. It was too plain, too simple. So, I ditched that greenish template and spice up my blog with this cute new look n my own designed blog header...hehehe

ni lah hasil2 yg aku design for my blog header..:-
1) yang nie header paling 1st....tgh xde idea...

2) then..aku godek2..tambah sket ayat...hehehe..

3)last2 this one yg aku dcide utk display kat page header aku....hurm..amacam..??Cool kan..

Hope you like it! 'cos I loveeeee it sooo much!Becoz i' love Green,hopefully you'll enjoy my blog new look...Adiosss..

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